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[Mon 02 Aug 2010 =-= 12:34]
[ mood | 疲れ ]


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いつも [Thu 08 Jul 2010 =-= 01:12]
[ mood | 何も ]



[Mon 10 May 2010 =-= 00:05]
[ mood | pleased ]

Kick-Ass was awesome.


[Mon 01 Mar 2010 =-= 00:23]
[ mood | ... ]



[Mon 08 Feb 2010 =-= 00:45]
[ mood | tired ]

Dream last night was very convoluted and involved more people an occurrences than I feel like remembering, much less writing.

I just had a Dell idiot disable all my USB devices and then ask me if I can read the screen. How the fuck am I going to type back to you, Dell guy, you just uninstalled all my USB drivers. I wonder how hard it would be for me to get a job at Dell.

I'm not even going to bother trying to catch up on the last few days. The Saints won the Super Bowl. Satan's going parka shopping, I'm sure. My tummy hurts. Night night.


[Thu 04 Feb 2010 =-= 00:55]
[ mood | disappointed ]

Dream last night involved freaking out multiple times that I was missing my flight to England, but I lived in Texas, and I wasn't even flying to England the day of the dream. I also went to visit my mom at a clothing store she apparently owned and offered to give her a hand while I was there. Some bitch and her really bratty kids were there, and while I was helping my mom out, things escalated from simple words being exchanged to straight-up shouting. I told my mom to call mall security and locked that ho and her kids in a dressing room where they had gone to steal clothes hangers. When she broke out I dragged her by her nasty weave back into the store where mall security proceeded to kick her and her bad-ass children out of the mall. Dream was in English and Spanish, but at some point I think I was talking to my mother in English, but she was also speaking back to me in English? How odd.

I lost his bracelet. I'm still beating myself up over it. I've been all over the planet and I've never lost anything in my entire life (that I can recall) until now. I've had stuff stolen from me, but I've never just straight-up lost something. And it had to be his bracelet. Thank God it can be replaced, at least. Maybe it'll turn up before I replace it. It's got a week.

Dinner tonight was chicken, basmati rice (MMM MMM), and green beans. I'm feeling better than I was yesterday, but my fingertips are getting worse and worse. Dermo appointment on Friday. Roll on that.


[Wed 03 Feb 2010 =-= 09:52]
[ mood | shocked ]

Dream last night somehow involved an install option for Fallout 3 that wasn't obvious to me when I first loaded the game up. I was up too late arguing with a tranny to get enough sleep to remember it well though.

I really miss having fingerprints. I'm going to have to make an appointment with a dermatologist to figure out why they're melting off and taking large chunks of my fingertips off in the process.

I'm absolutely fucking sick of one of the people I work with. Not only is he nearly (if not) 30, and about to get a PhD, but he can't do simple things like not leave milk in a common fridge long enough for it to go so bad that it actually pops the cap off and leaks rotten milk all over the place. The worst part is, maybe he's capable of it, but he sure doesn't give a fuck, and even if I were to email everyone and beg them to be more careful about common-use items like the fridge, he "never read[s his] email lol" so it wouldn't matter anyway.

On that note, when did it become okay, much less cool, to not read your email? Isn't that up there with intentionally never answering your phone? Who the fuck do you think you are? You're not some sort of badass because you either ignore or delete messages that get sent to you, you're an obnoxious prick who is constantly making everyone's life more difficult than it has to be. Kill yourself.

Dinner was rice, eggs, and Jappo curry mix. I forgot to post this last night. Oops.


[Tue 02 Feb 2010 =-= 01:39]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Dream last night involved leading my parents around Tokyo, trying to convince someone that even though topped fries are more delicious, getting smoothies would be cheaper and better for us, and a hotel with a very interesting elevator.

Dinner tonight was Popeye's. I was especially tired all day today, but I feel like I got a lot done.


[Mon 01 Feb 2010 =-= 00:23]
[ mood | tired ]

Dream last night involved getting invited by the dean of the school I work for to some sort of art exhibit. The cooler one of the two pregnant in college girls I know was there, presumably with her kids. I also needed to get my car worked on by some place with "maid" in the name, and found a bunch of people on some kind of thrill ride I've never seen before that's almost impossible to explain. It involved chains, harnesses, cars, and an enormous parachute with a bunch of rocket boosters on it.

Dinner tonight was a can of tuna, a banana, and some milk. Happy February.


[Sat 30 Jan 2010 =-= 14:56]
Dream last night involved some sort of tropical lagoon type thing where we found a tribe of monkeys, and a snake that had been pretty much flayed to pieces. It had to have been about 40 or 50 feet long when it was all put together, though. Jörmungandr much?

Dinner last night was 5hap. It was pretty bomb. Laying low for the rest of today.

[Thu 28 Jan 2010 =-= 22:53]
[ mood | disappointed ]

Dream last night involved me having a hyper-intelligent pet rabbit with whom I could communicate telepathically. He was only capable of elementary sentences, though.

Dinner tonight was leftover rice, white beans, and chicken from lunch.

I hate feeling like I let people down, especially when there's nothing I can do or say to make it better. I have a ton of econ to do, and I turn 24 tomorrow, so I should get in bed as soon as possible. Goodnight, 23.


[Wed 27 Jan 2010 =-= 22:18]
[ mood | 忙しい ]

Dream last night involved a confusing issue with the pipes in the lab, some confusing nudity, and some other confusing minor details I can't recall right now.

I haven't had my phone all day. I hope no one was trying to reach me on it.

Apparently, a few people did indeed try to reach me on it. I hope they're not too upset.

Tomorrow's going to be a long, busy day, but I hope to have my econ homework done by then. It's proving to be more of a hassle than I thought it would be. I'm going to get to work on it, then eventually get my ass to bed. Yawn.

Also, I think my music has been in backwards order before this. Corrections starting now.


[Wed 27 Jan 2010 =-= 00:17]
[ mood | flat ]

Dream last night involved having a very old dog with the wrong number of limbs, living in some sort of coastal community, and training to work at a bar as a bartender. The bar had an impossibly small espresso machine that was not working when I was training, which was fine because they were also out of milk. They also sold Camel cigarettes, one flavor of which was called "Dye Coffee," which smelled great. Interestingly, it was double-boxed. The outside box was a cool blue, and the inner box was a warm orange. The event that I was training at was a combination concert/volleyball game. Dreaming is fun.

My job performance was evaluated today. Apparently, I'm doing a bang-up job and deserve a bonus. Management is pretty sweet.

I didn't get into JET, and my refund from the government was much smaller than I was expecting it to be, because I wasn't thinking. Guess I won't be getting laser eye surgery anytime soon, and affording this trip to Japan that I've already committed myself to isn't going to be as easy as I thought. Such is life.

And now, it's time for bed again.


[Sun 24 Jan 2010 =-= 23:13]
[ mood | blah ]

Dream last night has been forgotten between when I got out of bed and when I got here. Maybe I should be quicker about that.

I wish there were a way to tell people they smell terrible without offending them.

I am always deeply appreciative of the large and supportive group of friends that I have, and I hate when scheduling conflicts occur among them.

Dinner tonight was rice, bomb-ass tuna, and sugar snap pea mix. Gotta love the frozen shit. Off to Baton Rouge.

Baton Rouge was fun. Dinner the day after was chicken alfredo. Delicious. Finally got some sleep after that.

Dinner tonight was leftover spaghetti. One of the most important lessons I've learned recently is that I don't have to know everything. I've been under a lot of stress for the last few days, partially because I'm still learning how to pick my battles. Errors educate.


[Fri 22 Jan 2010 =-= 00:33]
[ mood | calm ]

Dream last night involved an annoying addition to my lab that I am expecting, an unexpected visitor over New Year's, and my mother trying to get meds for some sort of GI condition. Half in English, half in Spanish.

I have a deep respect and admiration for one of my co-workers, but not everyone seems to share my feelings. In fact, some find this one particularly difficult to get along with. When I suggested that this co-worker and I share a lot of personality traits that can make us seem abrasive or off-putting, I was met with a look of utter disbelief. "You? Hard to get along with?" Maybe I have no idea who I am.

I think I've fallen in love with an SRS called Anki (thanks to an old friend). I may have finally found a way to satisfy my eternal hunger for knowledge. I'm teaching myself how to read Hangeul right now, maybe Hebrew and Sanskrit later? We'll see.

Dinner tonight was buffalo chicken breast, rice, and corn. Big day tomorrow. I'm ready.


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